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How to change the color of a paragraph word by word with timer. like at first second i want to change color of The in the below paragraph, after 5th second change color of text, after 8th second change color of will be and so on....

The text will be wrapped in tags, and displayed in a monospaced font.    
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just use Timer and change the font color of your edit text accordingly and stop timer in focus lost.

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i think you can do something like this :

Split the paragraph to words by using the method :

split(String separator);// it will return an array of Strings 
//in your case you will do somthing like this 
myWords = paragraph.split(" ");// the separator is the space

And then , you can use the method to colorate what ever you want of those words by using the method :

myNewParagraph.append(HTML.fromHtml("<font color...>... Your HTML Code to colorate your Text"));

and when you finish coloring each word , you update your textView to display the new text colored

Hope it helps

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You can use spans to control the appearance of text. Take a look at Spannable and CharacterStyle.

Here is an example. Of course you would need to put this in some sort of timer.

Spannable spannableText = getSpannableText(yourTextView);
spannableText.setSpan(new TextAppearanceSpan(...), wordStart, wordEnd)

private Spannable getSpannableText(TextView tv) {
  CharSequence cs = tv.getText();
  if (cs instanceof Spannable) {
    return (Spannable)cs;
  } else {
    return SpannableString.valueOf(cs);
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