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I am currently developping a mobile application with a drupal 7 website as a backend. Using the services API with a REST server I was able to easily access the nodes, users, files and comments to see their content. I am able via a POST request to log in the website but I cannot create a comment through the services API. Actually, there is no error and a new comment is well created in the database but it is empty and its nid is 0. I also tried to download a valid comment, modify it with new datas, and send it but I have the same result. I also need to add that the comments I am using or not just simple ones, they include some specific fields in their form. Can anyone help me to solve this problem ? Has anyone ever experience something similar ? Thank you

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Check you are posting an object that is correctly structured, services isn't doing a comment_save()

Have a look at the test scripts for the structure

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