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How do i convert html text into a jquery object so i can do .find() and such?

I am grabbing a page with GM_xmlhttpRequest. I have the html of the page. Now with jquery i want to search a link. It had an id so its fairly easy however i have no idea how to make the html into a jquery object.

As a test i wrote alert($('body').html()); which worked. However alert($(thehtml).html()); gets me blank and IIRC i seen a few examples with hardcoded html inside of $('') but i could be remembering wrong.

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You do not have to call the html method. You can just pass an html string to the jQuery constructor, and it'll automatically create a jQuery object for you.

var someHTML = '<div><p>I am text inside of a "p" inside of a "div"</p></div>';


So, if you have your html string in a variable called thehtml and you want to find all the links in it, all you have to do is $(thehtml).find('a').

Or, if you have an ID on that link, just do $(thehtml).find('#theid').

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