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I want change the HBox's style when click any object inside this HBox. I set handle for click event of HBox, and then I found it very difficult to select item in the combobox in this HBox.

When I click the combobox, it drops down its item list, and HBox style changed, then combobox drop up very quickly, I have no time to select an item in the Combobox.

Here is my codes, is there any way to avoid this problem?

<mx:Repeater id="itemRepeater">
    <mx:HBox id="itemHBox" styleName="active" click="onItemClick(event);">
        <mx:ComboBox id="cb1" dataProvider="{dp}" close="closeHandler(event);"/>
        <mx:TextArea id="itemText" />

private function onItemClick(e:MouseEvent):void {
    for (var k:Number=0; k < total; k++) {
        itemHBox[k].styleName = "Inactive";
    // Change edit style
    itemHBox[e.currentTarget.instanceIndices].styleName = "active";
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Setting styleName invalidates HBox and forces it's children to check their size and relayout, that's why ComboBox hides it's dropdown list.

Instead you can use precise style values:

private function onItemClick(e:MouseEvent):void {
    for (var k:Number=0; k < total; k++) {
        itemHBox[k].setStyle("backgroundColor", 0xFFFFFF);
    // Change edit style
    itemHBox[e.currentTarget.instanceIndices].setStyle("backgroundColor", 0xFF0000);
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moropus, thank you very much. I do it as you said, it works well now. –  Wei Aug 12 '11 at 2:40
Wei, you're welcome! –  moropus Aug 12 '11 at 4:22

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