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I am looking for a eCommerce plugin for wordpress, or a standalone software which has solid Review Structure/community features.

Specifically - I want that people be able to review products, and then after that those reviews can be rated.

I have read good things about WP e-Commerce, PrestaShop, Opencart. Any other recommendations ?

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You should also consider Magento it is somewhat complex to setup, but it is extremely flexible and probably the most advanced open source solution out there. It has a rich ecosystem of plugins, including many community oriented ones for integrating with Facebook.

spree is another OpenSource e-Commerce project but I don't know if it supports the features that you are looking for.

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For wordpress use cart66 - there is a free lite version and a paid version only for around $99 - it is simple and very easy to use.

For stand alone, definitely try BigCommerce.com is a full blown shopping cart that comes with just about every feature you could imagine right out of the box.

You pay a small monthly fee (starts from $24.95) and this includes your hosting and support. Also comes with over 90 inbuilt templates to choose from, but they have a developer network if you need customisation. Definitely worth a look!

Good luck

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