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Is there a quick way to convert a Generic Dictionary from one type to another

I have this

IDictionary<string, string> _commands;

and need to pass it to a function that takes a slightly different typed Dictionary

public void Handle(IDictionary<string, Object> _commands);
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I suppose I would write

Handle(_commands.ToDictionary(p => p.Key, p => (object)p.Value));

Not the most efficient thing in the world to do, but until covariance is in, that's the breaks.

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The ToDictionary method requires 'using System.Linq;' (I was scratching my head for a minute or two). – danw Nov 19 '13 at 1:10

maybe this function can be useful for you

IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<string, object>> Convert(IDictionary<string, string> dic) {
    foreach(var item in dic) {
    	yield return new KeyValuePair<string, object>(item.Key, item.Value);

And you will call it like so:

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could something like this do?

Dictionary<int, string> dict = new Dictionary<int, string>();

dict.Add(1, "One");
dict.Add(2, "Two");
dict.Add(3, "Three");
dict.Add(4, "Four");
dict.Add(5, "Five");

object dictObj = (object)dict;

IDictionary temp = (IDictionary)dictObj;

Dictionary<int, object> objs = new Dictionary<int, object>();

foreach (DictionaryEntry de in temp)
    objs.Add((int)de.Key, (object)de.Value);
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Can't you use

Dim myDictionary AS New Dictionary(Of Object, Object)

This would then be able to accept any types

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No, it won't work, because a Dictionary<object,object> isn't a IDictionary<string,object>... – Eilistraee Oct 20 '12 at 19:41

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