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First of all, i have lot of text available. Let's say, i have 10000 characters for each try. The script is php based, but i can use whatever i want. C++, java, no problem.

The google language api can't be used: their usage limits are to low.

I'ts 6 hours that i try to come out with anything great, but none for now. Can someone point me to my best chance?

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There is Language Detection API which provides both free and premium service.

It accepts text through GET or POST and provides JSON output with scores.

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Java based tools are :

Apache Tika : not "all" language profiles, but you can add them yourself

public String detectLangTika(String text) throws SystemException {
    LanguageIdentifier li = new LanguageIdentifier(text);
    if (li.isReasonablyCertain())
        return li.getLanguage();
        throw new Exception("Tika lang detection not reasonably certain");

language-detection : A lot of language profiles, works great for me.

    DetectorFactory.loadProfile(new File(LangDetector.class.getClassLoader().getResource("profiles").toURI()));

public String detectLangLD(String text) throws SystemException {

    Detector detector;
    String lang;
    try {
        detector = DetectorFactory.create();
        lang = detector.detect();
    } catch (LangDetectException e) {
        throw new SystemException("LangDetector Failure", e);
    return lang;

The most precise tool was the Google API lang detection, which was discontinued and replaced with the paid Google Translate API.

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A bit late, but I wrote this library (and I'm implementing a free API service without limites).


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If you are willing to give python a go...take a look at nltk. And I hope you did go through this.

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You can use Rosoka. It detects 230 different languages. You can try it through Amazon AWS Market at Rosoka Cloud

You pay for the time used.

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