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Please don't just link to the google tutorial for this like the majority of questions seem to because I have already gone through it. I am asking because I am stuck.

I am trying to get my debug key -- I have tried the terminal commands. I get told that the file /.android/debug.keystore does not exist by the terminal. Furthermore I cannot SEE the .android folder AT ALL.

Oh -- And I'm using OSX Lion


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I get told that the file /.android/debug.keystore does not exist. - by whom? The dearth of information here is mind boggling - throw us a bone please –  KevinDTimm Aug 11 '11 at 12:51

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What OS? On Linux .android is in your home directory, so you need something like cd ~/.android to go there. On Windows it should be in %USERPROFILE% or %APPDATA%.

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