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I have this String :

String myStr = "something.bad@foo.us"

I want to get just the "something.bad" from myStr ?

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will it always be an email adress and you want what's before the @ or is it just a substring you need? –  talnicolas Aug 11 '11 at 13:06
It will be always email format –  Christophe Aug 11 '11 at 13:07
Then Jon Skeet's is the answer –  talnicolas Aug 11 '11 at 13:07
Uhm...there's a String API, you know? –  mre Aug 11 '11 at 13:11
@talnicolas of course jon skeets answer is the answer :P –  RMT Aug 11 '11 at 13:15

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You just need to use substring having found the right index to chop at:

int index = myStr.indexOf('@');
// TODO: work out what to do if index == -1

String firstPart = myStr.substring(0, index);

EDIT: Fairly obviously, the above takes the substring before the first @. If you want the substring before the last @ you would write:

int index = myStr.lastIndexOf('@');
// TODO: work out what to do if index == -1

String firstPart = myStr.substring(0, index);
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Actually since we're talking about email - and as we all know legal email addresses may actually contain @s - one should really use lastIndexOf. Not that anyone would ever use such an email address, because pretty much every website ever contains code such as the above, so it probably won't matter in reality ;) –  Voo Aug 11 '11 at 14:21
@Voo: Well, we don't really know the details of what the OP wants. Maybe, maybe not. –  Jon Skeet Aug 11 '11 at 14:21
He said in a comment to his original post that it will always be email format. –  Voo Aug 11 '11 at 14:22
@Voo: Yes, but not what he wanted to use the result for. –  Jon Skeet Aug 11 '11 at 14:24
I just assumed he wanted to get rid of the domain and it's an easy to make assumption that no local-part may ever contain an @. But you could be right - he would have to clarify a bit. –  Voo Aug 11 '11 at 14:27

You can use

String str = myStr.split("@")[0];

It will split the string in two parts and then you can get the first String element

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this is more professional. –  Nook Aug 11 '11 at 13:46

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