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I am trying to run an RSpec test, and I want to detect if the test failed in the after method. I have something like this right now:

after(:each) do
  cc =
  cc.update(<TEST-SERVER-CONTROLLER>, <TC-RESULT-ID>, result?)    

As you can see, the result? function is what I need to replace, to detect if the test fails or not, and to also get information about the test that failed.

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EDIT: this answer is only valid for RSpec 2. for RSpec 3 see geekazoid's answer.

The after each block runs in the context of class which exposes example and you can detect failures by checking the exception method on example thusly:

after(:each) do
  if example.exception != nil
    # Failure only code goes here
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Adding to Daniel's answer, in Rspec3 the example method was deleted (see here for more info).

You will have to do something like this:

after(:each) do |example|
  if example.exception
    # ...
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