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I'm reading about how to add column sort functions to a cell table but I'm not understanding the code provided by google. Following is my celltable, How would I add make the nameColumn sort-able?

public class CellTableExample implements EntryPoint {

    private static class Contact {
        private String address; 
        private String name;

        public Contact(String name, String address) {
            this.address = address; 
            this.name = name; 

    // The list of data to display.
      private static List<Contact> CONTACTS = Arrays.asList(
        new Contact("John", "123 Fourth Road asdf asdf asdfasdf"),
        new Contact("Mary", "222 Lancer Lane")


    public void onModuleLoad() {
        CellTable<Contact> table = new CellTable<Contact>(); 

        //address column
        TextColumn<Contact> addressColumn = new TextColumn<Contact>(){
            public String getValue(Contact contact) {
                return contact.address;

        //name column
        TextColumn<Contact> nameColumn = new TextColumn<Contact>(){
            public String getValue(Contact contact) {
                return contact.name;

        // Add the columns.
        table.addColumn(nameColumn, "Name");
        table.addColumn(addressColumn, "Address");

        table.setRowCount(CONTACTS.size(), true);
        table.setRowData(0, CONTACTS);


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I suppose you are reffering to Developer's Guide - Cell Table . If you got the first example running you can make the name colum sortable (add the little arrow to the name) with


Btw this is the codes I had to addeto get your example running (just copy it after "RootPanel.get().add(table);" and replace "_01_scheduleDeferred" with your project name)

    // Create a data provider.
    ListDataProvider<Contact> dataProvider = new ListDataProvider<Contact>();

    // Connect the table to the data provider.

    // Add the data to the data provider, which automatically pushes it to the
    // widget.
    List<Contact> list = dataProvider.getList();
    for (Contact contact : CONTACTS) {

    // Add a ColumnSortEvent.ListHandler to connect sorting to the
    // java.util.List.
    ListHandler<Contact> columnSortHandler = new ListHandler<_01_scheduleDeferred.Contact>(
        new Comparator<_01_scheduleDeferred.Contact>() {
        public int compare(_01_scheduleDeferred.Contact o1, _01_scheduleDeferred.Contact o2) {
            if (o1 == o2) {
                  return 0;

                // Compare the name columns.
                if (o1 != null) {
                  return (o2 != null) ? o1.name.compareTo(o2.name) : 1;
                return -1;

    // We know that the data is sorted alphabetically by default.
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I did not understand the importance of _01_scheduleDeffered to replace with the project name. What is the usage of it and can we give any number to it. –  Ashish Jan 24 '14 at 15:53
_01_scheduleDeffered was the Name of my Project at the tinme. You can replace it with the path to your class –  Stefan Jan 24 '14 at 16:11
alright, thanks a lot –  Ashish Jan 24 '14 at 16:28

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