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I am trying to sort out my RSpec tests for a controller of mine, but its not working and I need some help figuring it out.

My Rspec is:

  before(:each) do
    @topic = mock_model(Topic, :update_attributes => true)

  it "should find topic and return object" do
    put :update, :topic_slug => "some-slug", :topic => {}

The controller logic I am trying to test is:

  def get_topic
    @topic = Topic.where(:slug => params[:topic_slug]).first

But the output I am getting is:

 Failure/Error: Topic.stub!(:where).with({:slug=>"some-slug"}).first.and_return(@topic)
   undefined method `first' for #<RSpec::Mocks::MessageExpectation:0x104c99910>
 # ./spec/controllers/topics_controller_spec.rb:41

Obviously, it seems like the method call for "first". I understand is a bit redundant in this particular case, so I could remove it, but rather than hack around a hole in my knowledge, I'd like to learn how to do it properly (for this scenario).

Can anyone help me fill my hole?


I added the [@topic] array as suggested in the answers, but now I am getting the error:

  Failure/Error: put :update, :topic_slug => "some-slug", :topic => {}
       Mock "Topic_1001" received unexpected message :slug with (no args)

With respect to this code:

  def get_topic
    @topic = Topic.where(:slug => params[:topic_slug]).first

The parameters can't be changed (at least not trivially). Further assistance greatly appreciated!

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Change this line


to this


you expect array but return one element.

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I made the change you suggested, but now I am getting: Failure/Error: put :update, :topic_slug => "some-slug", :topic => {} Mock "Topic_1001" received unexpected message :slug with (no args) - I think becasue of the line @topic = Topic.where(:slug => params[:topic_slug]).first. Any ideas how to fix? –  Ash Aug 12 '11 at 0:13

stub_chain is a code smell and should be treated as a last resort. It ties your spec very tightly to implementation detail, which is subject to change via refactoring.

I'd recommend something like this:


Then add a with_slug method to Topic and you're good to go.

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