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I'm going to simplify the situation. My application has the following QMainWindow:

class Reversi : public QMainWindow


    MainBoard _main_board_scene;
    BoardView _board_view;


where MainBoard is a QGraphicsScene and BoardView is a QGraphicsView:

class MainBoard : public QGraphicsScene
class BoardView : public QGraphicsView

I'm animating some graphics object on the scene by calling:

int number = 37;
_main_board_scene.animate(number, _game_state.getCaptured(number));

from Reversi() constructor. This call doesn't animate the objects. Here is the main parts of the animate():

void MainBoard::animate(int origin, vector<int> destinations)

    QParallelAnimationGroup *anim_group = new QParallelAnimationGroup(this);
    connect(anim_group, SIGNAL(finished()), this, SLOT(onAnimationFinished()));

    for (unsigned int i = 0; i < destinations.size(); i++)

        AnimationObject *temp_item = new AnimationObject;
        temp_item->setPos(x, y);


        QPropertyAnimation *animation = new QPropertyAnimation(temp_item, "pos");
        animation->setDuration(rand() % 1001 + 1000);
        animation->setEndValue(QPointF(x, y));



When the animation finishes, the following function will be called:

void MainBoard::onAnimationFinished()

    emit animationFinished();

When animationFinished() signal is emitted, a slot in Reversi class is called after 1 to 2 seconds. This confirms that animate() properly executed. I debugged the code and also found that the for loop of animate() gets executed. The only unexpected thing is no visible animation of AnimationObject is seen on the view. Even no AnimationObject type object is seen.



The scene has other objects that accept mouse press. This event handler emits a signal which is connected to the following slot of Reversi:

void Reversi::onBoardPressed(int number)
    number = 37;
    _main_board_scene.animate(number, _game_state.getCaptured(number));

If the execution goes through Reversi::onBoardPressed by mouse press event, then the call of _main_board_scene.animate() causes the AnimationObjects to be seen on the view. And of course they animate. But if I call onBoardPressed(37) from Reversi constructor then no AnimationObject is visible.

Why is this happening?

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Constructor not the best place to start animation, just because when it's called gui isn't still showed, more, no guaranty, that gui will be showed soon, and more, event loop still is not started, if Reversi is the main form – Lol4t0 Aug 11 '11 at 20:04
Reversi is the main form. I'll not be starting animation in the constructor. I'm just testing. In real code the animation will be started from another thread which will post an event in main thread. That event handler will call onBoardPressed() which should start the animation. This doesn't work. But if onBoardPressed() is called by a mouse press event, then the animation works. :( – Donotalo Aug 11 '11 at 22:05
As is usual in such cases, you don't seem to be providing all the necessary code to figure it out. – Kuba Ober Aug 30 '13 at 21:10

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