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Im looking good SQL (MySQL) editor/viewer for MacOS. I want to spend money on it, if it what I looking for. (on Windows I use: dbForge Mysql and I looking something similar to it)

Main features I need:

  • Code hinting
  • Code highlighting
  • Hinting on writing procedure and functions

I'm not interested in: SequelPro (it is too light, no code hinting, no procedure making enviroment) Not interested in Navicat and MySQL Workbench.

I have tried these tools and it's all ugly. (I need to write more and more procedures and functions, and I need good code hinting like in dbForge)

Please, help to find it :/

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Have you tried DBvisualizer?



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Oh thanks Olivier! Looks pretty good for me. But too bad it is Java, and it is using jdbc. And it doesn't have built-in ssh tunneling. But I use ssh -L, but.. Thank you Olivier! :) –  woozly Aug 11 '11 at 17:29

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