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Here's the problem:

Once a week I have to scan 200+ pages of signed documents. The documents are usually 4 pages each, but sometimes 7. My current approach is simply to

  1. Scan them in as a .pdf
  2. Manually extract the 3-5 documents that are 7 pages in Acrobat
  3. Run a simple Javascript for Acrobat script to split the remaining document into 4-page chunks
  4. Manually save each one with a file name that depends on a field of the original document which is unique to each document (i.e., every file belongs to a different person, business, entity, etc.)

Lately, I've been trying to find a way to automate steps 2 and 4 using Acrobat's OCR capabilities. I can't find a way to pass the search object's results to a new function to save the files, though.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm not tied to Acrobat, so any other technologies that make this sort of thing easy would be a welcome solution (although my batch scanning is limited to PDF, TIFF, or JPG).

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