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I've got a scenario where I need to manipulate a variable on my action controller from within the component.

Basically, I have a component where I'm executing some Doctrine Queries and then outputting them in a component file. In my action method I call this component to send it back to the browser (the request is made via AJAX)

$content = $this->getComponent('documents', 'list');

What I want to do is access the row count of the queries executed in the component method, but from within the action method. I have tried defining my variable in the action:

$this->rowCount = 0;

and then updating it in the component:

$this->rowCount = 10;

but when I var_dump the rowCount in the action after retrieving the component content, it's still 0.

Has anyone ever done this before?

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Storing the value in the parameterHodler will do the job

See : http://www.symfony-project.org/book/1_0/02-Exploring-Symfony-s-Code#chapter_02_sub_parameter_holders

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