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I just created a simple test WebService with called


I can't access it from exteriour, cause Visual Studio don't allow this.. So I wanted to make a own IIS Webserver to host my Webservice, but how do I add my "MyWebService.asmx" to the IIS with the IIS-Manager?

Hope someone can help me.. Google didnt help me a lot

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You have to publish this WebService (right click on the project -> Publish) and host it using IIS like a regular Web Application.

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I did publish it, but I can't open it, so the browser always tell, that Page is not valid.. – eMi Aug 11 '11 at 14:47
  1. Just create a new application, as you would do if you create a "real" ASP application

  2. put, for completeness and to be sure the app is running a default.aspx into the root dir, which says something like "app is running!"

  3. put the ASMX file into the directory (i think it will be place in the APP_CODE directory, but i'm not sure 100%)

  4. config your webservice in the global.asax, without it nothing will happen (hint: also configure the help page for webservices, otherwise users accessing it will get the interface description in the browser)

A longer description of that can be found here:

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