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I have a Matlab program that runs daily from Windows Task Scheduler. The program output is a decision whether a machine needs monitoring or not. I'd like to text this information to some coworkers's cell phones. I know Matlab's sendmail program can be used to text a cell phone if you have the [phone number]@[carrier address], such as However I am having trouble with the authentications required by the different carriers. Since I can call/text their cell phone without having to supply authentication information, there must be an easier way to text the information. Do you have any suggestions? A non-Matlab solution would be fine, for example I could save the message text to an ASCII file that the outside program then reads and texts to the phones. Any suggestions appreciated.

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Not strictly speaking an answer to your particular problem, but there is a tool on the Matlab File Exchange that does this by using a google calendar (this page). Maybe you can tweak it to your needs. – Aabaz Aug 11 '11 at 15:47
Good suggestion - I had success with another File Exchange submission. I used another programmer's authentication approach (this page) plus sendmail. It sends emails from a Gmail account. Somehow that gets past the permissions required to text to an AT&T phone, plus yahoo and hotmail email accounts and my work email. – KAE Aug 11 '11 at 16:55
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Are you in the US?

If so, this will work:

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Yes, it will work long as the internet preferences are set up correctly to be able to send to the various carriers. Sending the texts from my Gmail account using the permissions described here worked but any other account (including my work email) didn't. – KAE Aug 12 '11 at 14:11

I would check this question how to send sms programmatically? It has a lot of good links. Then see if any of the answers can be combined with Matlab. I don't personally have any Matlab experience, so I can't help on that end.

Good luck -Woody

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