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I have a form on my page, and when I submit this, it will check the different submitted INPUT fields.

Example, I have this variable:

$method = inputFilter($_POST['method']);

My question is, when the form is submitted, if the $method is example = 1, will I then send all the posted data, to another page, and retrieve the data there?

Example: - Submit form on form.php - If method is = 1, then send the submitted data to otherform.php, and let the form here, autosubmit?

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I don't fully understand your question. That code is server-side, so it will run the script (which is at the URL) to which your form directs when it is submitted. That script might regenerate the same HTML page, or a completely different one, or send nothing at all to the browser: it's up to how you write it. – Colin Fine Aug 11 '11 at 15:04
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You could use javascript to change the action of the form based on a checkbox but you should rather use an if inside your server side script and include form.php or otherform.php to process the form.

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