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I have a datagrid populated with some data. I bind to CollectionViewSource to specify group descriptions. I also override the group style to define the control template for the group header. Now I do not want to have the standard behavior with a group header with expander above the group item with grouped rows, but I want an expander on the first row of the group item and no header.

DataGridHeader: Last Name, First Name, Message
X: Expander
|: Cell separator

A sample showing expanded data:

    *X* | Smallboy | John  | Hello World
        | Smallboy | John  | Hello World Again
        | Smallboy | John  | Bye World

    *X* | Bigboy   | Billy | Hi everyone
        | Bigboy   | Billy | Bye everyone

A sample showing collapsed data:

*X* Smallboy John (3)
*X* Bigboy Billy (2)

Any help will be welcome!

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