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Using RSpec and Factory Girl, I create a record that when created, has associated 'hours' records automatically created in after_create.

But I want to test with the non-default hours, preferably ones I define in factory girl factories. Here's what I'm thinking I'd like to do:

  before (:all) do
    @business = Factory(:business_one)
    # when that business is saved, a set of default hours is automatically saved as well
    # how would I now update the hours with fixtures?
    # so, ideally something like:
    @business.hours[0] << Factory(:day_one)
    @business.hours[1] << Factory(:day_two)

Is this doable somehow or do I need to approach this differently?

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This is what you can do:

@business = Factory(:business_one)

# clear associations so it's in a known state

@business.hours << Factory(:day_one)
@business.hours << Factory(:day_two)

They will still be inserted and saved in the order in which you push in the new association.

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Why not create an alternate factory:

Factory.define :business_with_altnernate_hours, :parent => :business_one do
  after_create do |business|
    Factory.create(:day_one, :business => business)
    Factory.create(:day_two, :business => business)
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