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There exists a Hibernate entity


which contains snapshots of atmospheric data at given times.

If the WeatherStatistic had only 1 type of atmospheric measurement, eg. temperature:

| time   | temperature |  
 -------- -------------   
| 09:00  |    10       |  
| 10:00  |    20       |  
| 11:00  |    15       |  

Then I could write an HQL query:

select 'temperature' time temperature from WeatherStatistic

which would return

'temperature'  09:00   10
'temperature'  10:00   20
'temperature'  11:00   15

The first column is a string literal, the subsequent columns are time and the temperature value.

If the table is as follows:

| time   | temperature | humidity |  
 -------- ------------- ----------  
| 09:00  |    10       |   20     |
| 10:00  |    20       |   15     |
| 11:00  |    15       |   30     |

Is it possible to write a query (Criteria/HQL/SQL) to produce the results below?

'temperature'  09:00   10
'temperature'  10:00   20
'temperature'  11:00   15
'humidity'     09:00   20
'humidity'     10:00   15
'humidity'     11:00   30

If this can be done, is it then possible to provide the flexibility to allow any combination of fields value to be pulled out, ie: either temperature or humidity, or both?

The data is to be used for dynamic generation of time series graphs. I am working with a Hibernate data source for Jasper which takes in a HQL query string and feeds the query results directly up to Jasper which then outputs the generated graph images.

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In SQL, you could use a union:

select * from 
    (select 'temperature' as label, time, temperatureas value from weatherstatistic
     select 'humidity' as label, time, humidity as value from weatherstatistic)
order by label, time

You will have to construct this query dynamically before passing it to JasperReports.

Since HQL doesn't support union, I don't see a way to do it in HQL, though.

You could also fetch the data in your Java code before (using a simple HQL query), build a list of Java Beans containing a label, time and value, and use these as a JRBeanCollectionDataSource.

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Thought I should post the solution I actually came up after considering JB Nizet's suggestions!

I solved the problem by writing a custom Jasper-Hibernate data source that accepts a List of HQL queries. Under the hood, this data source executes the queries in series (effectively simulating a union) and concatenates the results together so that Jasper can access them sequentially.

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