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My Map contains keys sorted in alphabetical order. When I display it, I'm using entrySet().iterator(), but my results are not in the alphabetical order. How can I get my results in order?

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Use TreeMap

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Thank you Kan, just by simple replacing my HashMap with TreeMap, it worked great. thanks a lot –  Venkat Papana Aug 12 '11 at 9:42

No, your map does not hold elements in alphabetical order. You may have .put(..) then in that order, but the map does not have a defined iteration order.

Others suggest using SortedSet, but you can also use LinkedHashMap. It guarantees iteration order:

This implementation (LinkedHashMap) spares its clients from the unspecified, generally chaotic ordering provided by HashMap (and Hashtable), without incurring the increased cost associated with TreeMap

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LinkedHashMap is what I needed, to keep the same order in which I inserted my items into the map. Thanks for the tip! –  Richard Jul 11 '14 at 18:28

My Map contains keys sorted in alphabetical order

This is not true.

Use or sort your keys before iterate

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Since HashMap uses hashing to store the entries in an underlying container, you aren't guaranteed any specific order. If you want your entries from your HashMap ordered, you must sort them yourself.

A TreeMap on the other hand will maintain some sort of order (you can dictate that yourself by implementing the Comparable interface), so if you get its entry set, it will come to you alphabetically. String already implements Comparable, so they will be returned to you in alphabetical order.

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You can use ConcurrentSkipListMap or TreeMap.

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