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I was wondering how to get the index of span with content itemEleven, with jquery in the following case. Assuming that we aren't able to get element by content value:

        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemOne</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemTwo</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemThree</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemFour</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemFive</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemSix</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemSeven</span>  
        <span class="subMenuitemSubMenu">Something</span>  
        <span class="subMenuitemSubMenu">Something too</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemEight</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemNine</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemTen</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemEleven</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemTwelve</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemThirteen</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemFourteen</span>  
        <span class="itemSubMenu">itemFifteen</span>  

When i try to get, for example, itemEight with the following method.


It alerts 0, instead 9. Assuming that it is zero-based-index.

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Have you tried


inside of the click event?

Here is a fiddle for you:

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hm... I like this one even better... +1 – Joseph Marikle Aug 11 '11 at 16:46
thanks, it solved my problem. – user726355 Aug 11 '11 at 17:25

Index is always based on its index within its parent.

You'll need to do this:

$(".itemSubMenu").click(function() {

But really you'd want some sort of contextual selector to base it off of:

$(".itemSubMenu").click(function() {


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Always returns "-1" – Diodeus Aug 11 '11 at 16:41
Yeah, sorry about that, had to fix a typo in his pasted code (itemSubmenu to itemSubMenu). Should work now! – Adam Terlson Aug 11 '11 at 16:44

You would need to get the collection of spans with class itemSubMenu and then get the index of this from that collection to get the correct index.

var selected = $(this);
var myIndex = $("itemSubMenu").index(selected);
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I like this method.

    var $this = this;
    var i;
       if(val === $this) console.log(i = idx);
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