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For example, set A={a,b,c} and set B={b,c,d} and the intersection of sets A and B should be {b,c}. But how can I display {b,c} instead of the count 2 in a Venn diagram? I tried venn in the limma package and Venn in the Vennerable package but neither works.. Thanks.

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It's possible in Vennerable using the FaceText="elements" option, though its documentation is incomplete. Using the example from page 10 of Venn.pdf (available once the package is installed):

setList <- strsplit(, split = "")
names(setList) <-
Vmonth3 <- VennFromSets(setList[1:3])

It's also possible to control the appearance of the elements. For example, this code sets the font size to 10:

gp <- VennThemes(compute.Venn(Vmonth3))
gp$FaceText <- lapply(gp$FaceText,function(x) {x$fontsize<-10; return(x)})
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