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I am trying to send an email with javascript, the thing that I am trying to send is a snapshot of a canvas.

So here is what I did

 function sendMail(){
    var da = document.getElementById("canvas");
    var data = da.toDataURL("image/png"); 

    var link = "mailto:?body=<img style='display:block;width:800px;height:500px' title='canvas' alt='canvas' src='"+data+"' />";

    window.location.href = link;

I am trying to do this on Ipad.

When I call my function on my Ipad it opens the email and I can see the snapshot, but the problem comes when I send it. I am sending emails to myself to different email providers,

So when I send it out I can only see the image on Ipad, and Iphone email but if I try to view the email in Gmail or Outlook no image shows up.

Is there a special tag to email images with mailto or is the problem that the image is a toDataUrl?

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I think gmail and know outlook doesn't support data urls. The only thing you can do is sent the image data to the server, store it there, and use the link it in the html in stead of the data url. Would be nice if apple would convert the dataurl to an inline image attachement, but I don't think they will ever add this edge case feature. – Gerben Aug 11 '11 at 18:13

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