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m using MDIContainer.
1. How can i pass the varaible from parent to child ?
2.How can i prohibited to open more than 1 window with the same Name (That means in my MenuStrip there are Ordre,Tarif,Config... when user already open the Ordre, when he click the menustrip ordre again, it not open a new window/created a new child but pointed to the ordre window that already open) ?

Thanx before.

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Create a private, protected or public member in your mdicontainer window:

class MyMdiContainer : Form
    private object m_var;

    // Property approach
    public object MyVar
        get { return m_var; }
        set { m_var = value; }

And here is the mdi child:

class MyMdiChild : Form
    private object m_childVar;

    void Communicate()
        // Read variable
        this.m_childVar = ((MyMdiContainer) this.MDIParent).MyVar;

        ((MyMdiContainer) this.MDIParent).MyVar = "Child Foo";

In the example above we use two fields, each one for the two classes, property for storing the var in the MDI parent, and method in child for making a communication on the variable and storing a copy inside the child.

This is useful for parent to child, but it should be implemented in different way for parent to many children with synchronization.

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Thaks you for your response. i use passing via constructor. public Lordre() { InitializeComponent(); } public Lordre(string ClientID) { InitializeComponent(); lbl_Err.Text = "qdsf" + ClientID; } <br>i wonder if there are a general variable in Program.cs. that meant Once i put it, i can retrive the value from any form. –  user609511 Aug 12 '11 at 7:29
You may create a static class for this purposes, instead of global variable in Program.cs. –  Rolice Aug 12 '11 at 10:54

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