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I'm developing a small app, when a checkbox is checked it's id value is added to a hidden field, when unchecked, it's id has to be removed from the hiddenfield value. I know how to add, but don't know how to remove. It's like say there is a string strValue="abcde"; how do I remove 'c' from the strValue using jQuery? Thank you.

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A string within a string? Stringception?? – zeroef Aug 11 '11 at 17:34
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You can use replace.

strValue.replace('c', '');

Live Demo

I would suggest two things, looking at jQuerys .Data() method for storing values, and at the very least making your list delimited by something such as a comma.

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Try this, make sure you take the result of replace method into a new string. It does not modify the original string.

var str = "somestring";

str = str.replace('some', 'someother');
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If you know he string you're looking for... The easy way.


Or you can use a regular expression:

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Id recommend removing the link to w3schools before you get downvoted by someone else :P. Check out mozilla developers network for references, and on why not to use w3schools – Loktar Aug 11 '11 at 17:32

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