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i'm kinda new in programming so i hope you can help me :)

Lately, I've been trying to write sth that can change id3 tags of mp3 file. I managed to write code getting those tags quite easily, but i have no idea how to write code changing tags. I assumed that there may be no easy solution, so I decided to try out some libraries. It may be my fault, but none of them work..

Anyway, my question is : if it is quite simple - how to do my own id3 tag getting code? and if not, are there any libraries you can recommend, and you are sure that they work, so I can spend hours on trying to run it by myself :)?

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2 Answers

Processing has ways of manipulating audio, video, and even 3d (and of course normal images)

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This library:


provides a means of reading and writing id3 tags.

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