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I wrote a custom admin class for Users in the Django Admin as follows:

class UserAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    model = User
    list_display = ['email', 'first_name', 'last_name', 'last_login', 'date_joined', 'is_superuser', 'is_active']
    list_filter = ['is_active', 'groups']
    search_fields = ['email', 'first_name', 'last_name']

admin.site.register(User, UserAdmin)

This breaks the 'change password' feature in the Django Admin. What do I have to add to my custom class to allow it to work again?


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It would be nice if you posted, what error you receive when you try to change the password in dajgno admin. –  mohi666 Aug 11 '11 at 23:29

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You need to inherit from django.contrib.auth.admin.UserAdmin, rather than admin.ModelAdmin

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