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I want to write some integers to a binary file and I want to force them to be written in two bytes even if a few of them don't fit (trim these). I get an error when I do this (below). Is there another way to do it? Thanks!

Error in writeBin(Info_Differences, file_differences, size = 2) : size 2 is unknown on this machine

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Make sure they are integers. Check with is.integer/numeric. If any of them is numeric then size = 2 is not supported. –  Anders Forsgren Aug 11 '11 at 19:16

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Yeah, you probably have doubles that look like integers. Try this:

writeBin(as.integer(Info_Differences), file_differences, size = 2)

or, to check what Info_Differences really is:

typeof(Info_Differences) # double or integer?
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