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is there a way to display a hyperlink in an iPhone native app. Is this done with a label or another UI object?

Thanks! Joe

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Take a look at Three20 TTStyledText class

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Create a custom UIButton with only text (no background image) and write an IBAction on its click - you have a hyperlink...

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You can embed your text along with hyper link mark ups in a uiwebview object via a static HTML file. Another way is to show the link text on a uibutton and upon click of that button open safari to navigate to the link

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I suggest the following solution: Display the htperlink text as a label and put a detailed disclusure button after it. (Detailed disclosure button is an arrowhead in a circle (>). Set the button title to the url, and make an IBAction that handle the click of the button. In this action you can create a new UIWebView, display it and load the URL into it.

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There is actually built-in support for this with a UITextView. Check out the accepted answer to this stackoverflow question: How to add hyperlink in iPhone app?

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