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The website I have been working on for a month is pretty much a search engine through our product catalog. It is located here

What I need to do is make the search engine a search by....engine. Right now it only allows users to search by the Product Name, but we want it to allow users to search by product name, description, company...

$(document).ready(function () {

// Hide the results div until something is typed
if ($('#body_txtProductName').val() == "") {
$('div.results').css("display", "none");

// Focus set to the searchbox by default on page load.

// QuickSearch plugin: https://github.com/riklomas/quicksearch
$('input#body_txtProductName').quicksearch('ul#hiddenResults li', {
    delay: 0,
    show:       function () {
    hide:       function () {
    onAfter:    function () {

                    // copies all the results from the hidden div that match the search query
                    var results = $('ul#hiddenResults li.show').clone();

                    // the copied results are then put in the shown div

                    // this paginates the results. pagesize determines how many results will be displayed per page.
                    $("ul#results").quickPager({ pageSize: 15 });

                    // dont show results unless something is typed
                    // something needs to be added here to keep the website from freezing when someone enters only a space in the searchbox.
                    if ($('#body_txtProductName').val() == "") {
                        $('div.results').css("display", "none");
                    } else {
                        $('div.results').css("display", "block");

                    // creates an array of all the words in the search query (e.g., "Best Direct 8" would create an array with values ["Best", "Direct", "8"]
                    // this is done so that it doesn't pay as close attention to the order of words and spaces, but rather the words themselves
                    var query = $('#body_txtProductName').val()
                    query = $.trim(query);
                    var queryNoSpaces = query.split(' ').join('');
                    var queryArray = query.split(' ')

                    // highlight matching text if searchbox contains text
                    if ($('#body_txtProductName').val() != "") {

                        queryArray = query.split(" ");

                        // loops through the array and highlights matching words/chacaters
                        for (i = 0; i < queryArray.length; i++) {
                            $('ul#results li').highlight(queryArray[i]);

                        // More info on the highlight plugin: http://bartaz.github.com/sandbox.js/jquery.highlight.html
                        // the design of the highlighted characters is determined by the CSS class ".highlight" found in global.css
                        $('ul#results li').highlight(queryNoSpaces);

                        // query status
                        $('p#queryStatus').html($('ul#results > li').size() + " results found for query \"<strong>" + $('#body_txtProductName').val() + "</strong>\"");
                }   //-- End onAfter function
            }); //-- End quicksearch function


Is there an easy way to do this with what I have or would I need to redo the layout of the page? I can post the code for the search engine if anyone wants to help me.

Thank you

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It's always a good idea to post your code, that way we know what you're doing, and can improve on it. Otherwise you're basically asking people to either a.) guess, or b.) rewrite it from scratch for you. –  Dennis Aug 11 '11 at 19:22
True. I edited my original post to include the javascript included with the search box. –  Jamie Aug 11 '11 at 19:51

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