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having a repository for NHibernate with LINQ queries like this

var q = from x in SomeIQueryable<SomeEntity> where x.A1 == a1 && x.B1 == b1 select x;

Is there a solution how to get this WHERE filter and apply it for "one-shot-delete" which seems to be only possible through HQL:

var cmd = string.Format("delete from SomeEntity where x.A1 = '{0}' and x.B1 = {1}", a1, b1);
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2 Answers

NH LINQ provider and the criteria/queryover API do not support conditional deletes/updates. HQL or raw SQL are the only options unless you are looking into extending NHibernate.

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(from x in NHSession.Query<SomeEntity>()
                  where x.A1 == a1 && x.B1 == b1 
                  select x).ForEach(y => { NHSession.Delete(y) });
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Please post some explanation; code-only answers don't say much. –  rgettman Oct 11 '13 at 22:42
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