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I want to create a web based UI which can do some basic drag drop and stuff. I am going to use it for I want to allow users to create some small certificates . Users can add text at places they want or upload images and than drop it at required places. I will than want to store those Images , text positions and width in a database based on which I will later generate a PDF file .

Is there any better approach some one suggest ? Also is there any existing UI plugin which can make this easier ?

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I hope these will help you threedubmedia.com/demo/drag you will be knowing jquery UI plugin anyway jqueryui.com/demos/draggable –  zod Aug 11 '11 at 19:26

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jQueryUI's draggable and droppable can make this easy. Draggable requires 0 effort, an Droppable gives you the exact coordinates. See their examples in the jQueryUI Site.

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