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With Ant or Phing, I need to load a file's contents into a property, run a regular expression on the value of that property, and then store the result of that regular expression in another property. What's the best way to do this?

I can load the file into a property easily (with Phing) like so:

<loadfile file="myfile.txt" property="my.file" />

And I know how to update the file, but I can't seem to figure out how to run a regex on that property, and store the result in a new property for future use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I've been tinkering with it, and this will work. Let me know if there's a streamlined way though! The code below loads a file into a property, then reduces it to only the line that contains the title tag. And then, it runs a regular expression on that line, and stores the contents of that tag in my.prop.

<loadfile file="../index.html" property="my.prop">
        <regexp pattern="&lt;title>" />

        <regexp pattern="[\s\S]+<title>(.+?)</title>" replace="$1" />

Update 2

Actually, I ended up using an adhoc task to create my own. Worked perfectly!

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You can run an arbitrary command from an ant target like this:

<exec executable="bash">
   <arg line="script.sh"/>

You can for example store the result of the regexp in a tmp file and then load it into another property the same way as the initial one.

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In Phing you could process the content of the property where you loaded the file using the "php" task. See: http://www.phing.info/docs/guide/stable/chapters/appendixes/AppendixB-CoreTasks.html#PhpEvalTask

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