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how can i do NAT tunnel UDP hole punching in java?

because of this, the A and B computer behind the different NAT can not receice the UDP packs which they send to each other.....

how can i solve this?

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You need a server S with a public IP address. A and B should open a connection to S. This will open an UDP hole in the NAT. Then S can read the NAT translated address/port for A and B. Then S can send back this information to A and B who can start communicating directly on each other's open TCP port.

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so when A and B login to server the server S record both A and Bs NAT ip address and ports to the database... and send As to B, B`s to A(the NAT IP and port) from database?... and what the server S do with the subset ip address of thos A, B behind the NAT? and where we use those local area network address such "" etc? thank you... –  Kazakh Aug 11 '11 at 21:18
S does not need to know about A and B's private address behind their NAT (just ignore it). –  JVerstry Aug 11 '11 at 21:22

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