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I've troubles with Drupal 6 and (maybe) mod_rewrite:

if I go to and then I save the node, I don't get redirected to admin/content/node, but it directs me to node/115 :-(


In my .htaccess I uncommented: RewriteBase /drupal (because my drupal path is /var/www/htdocs/drupal)

My server is running Apache 2.2.4 on Slackware 12

Any help I'll be appreciated :D

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something is wrong with your configuration .. what do you see when you go to http://localhost/drupal/admin ? - –  Scott Evernden Mar 31 '09 at 22:20

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It does look like a configuration problem, because this normally works. You can debug it by adding some dsm() dumps in includes/common.inc/drupal_goto() : this is where the destination parameter is processed.

Note that if some module traps your form submission, for instance by declaring a _validate or _submit handler, it can very well change the redirection information: check whether you can reproduce this without contrib modules enabled.

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thank you very much, it was a module issue: "Login destination" –  pera Apr 15 '09 at 19:26

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