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I'm working on simple iPhone app and I'm trying to get core data working. I currently have two entities in my data model, it looks like this:

Data relationsship

In my application I have a tableview that should display all pages that belongs to a certain note block. I currently use:

NoteblockAppController * appController = [NoteblockAppController sharedNoteblockAppController];
NSArray * list = [appController allInstancesOf:@"Page" orderBy:@"createdAt"];
noteblockPages = [list mutableCopy];

But this obviously doesn't work since it always shows the same pages. I assume that I have to fetch the result some other way, but I don't know how.

I'm quite stuck so any tips/tricks would be great.


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The code you've provided calls two custom methods which aren't shown so we have no idea what the codes does or what you expect to see. –  TechZen Aug 11 '11 at 22:11

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I like to add derived methods to access things like this. I add these to the custom class but don't model them in the data model.

Once you get your accessor working correctly, it should return a mutable set. Then:

- (NSArray *)noteblockPagesArray {
  NSMutableSet *pages = self.noteblockPages;
  NSSortDescriptor *sortDescriptor = [NSSortDescriptor sortDescriptorWithKey:@"createdAt" ascending:YES];

  NSArray *orderedPages = [pages sortedArrayUsingDescriptors:[NSArray arrayWithObject:sortDescriptor]];
  return orderedPages;

Modify to cache value as appropriate/needed.

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Thanks, that looks like a clean solution. Will try it once I solved my accessor problem. –  Anders Aug 11 '11 at 22:04
It turned out that the property did get set, I just had to move the NSLog statement to viewWillAppear instead of my init method. –  Anders Aug 12 '11 at 10:59
Think I got it to work, thanks. –  Anders Aug 12 '11 at 11:26

Let CoreData do the work. You have an instance of the Noteblock, correct?

[yourNoteblock noteblockPages]
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Hi, thanks for your answer. I have a instance variable and property called pagesNoteblock that's an instance of Noteblock in my second tableview. I try to set that instance like this in my previous tableview (that is a AQGridView, gridView) in: - (AQGridView *)gridView didSelectItemAtIndex:(NSUInteger)index { PagesTableViewController * pagesController = [[PagesTableViewController alloc] init]; Noteblock * selectedNoteblock = [noteblockList objectAtIndex:index]; [pagesController setPagesNoteblock:selectedNoteblock]; But it doesn't work. The instance isn't getting set. –  Anders Aug 11 '11 at 20:54
I'd focus the effort on finding out why that isn't getting set rather than doing a new query. You might want to pose that as a new question with the relevant bits of code. Good luck. –  picciano Aug 11 '11 at 21:04

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