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Are there any reasonably easy to use JS frameworks/libraries for image effects, that would allow me to like converting an image (or part of an image) to b/w, sepia or duotone?

Or, for example, that would allow me to overlap images and use blending modes like Screen, Multiple, etc?

I tend to use jQuery, so a jQuery plugin would be ideal.

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Maybe this jQuery plugin could be useful for you. It can convert an image to b/w or halftone.

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For JS only this is hard to do, and I personally am not aware of any way to do this at present. There are web services out there that will do that. One such is http://developers.aviary.com/.

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The link you provided is an SDK and not an API. –  Dave Chen Jul 26 '14 at 2:36
Haha When I posted the link in 2011, it was an API. –  Joshua Jul 28 '14 at 14:22

It is pretty easy to (sepia) tone an image that has been drawn to a <canvas>, if you OK with using those:

How can I use a gradient map to tone a HTML5 canvas with an image in the canvas.

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