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I'm working on a script that processes the contents of a Perforce changelist. Each file in the changelist will be handled differently depending on the action associated with it.

I've already tackled the actions edit, add, integrate, and delete. So far, so good. However, for move/add and move/delete, I need a reliable means of determining the file's origin and destination, respectively. I've looked through the documentation for p4 fstat and haven't turned up anything of use.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Look at p4 filelog . It will give you the history of the moves. The -ztag output might or might not be useful for your purposes.

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Appreciate the lead. What's odd about "move/add" in the filelog output is that the move information is stored in the change previous to when the move occurred. Still, it's a viable approach. Thanks. –  Tim Clemons Aug 15 '11 at 17:14
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