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I am pretty sure I do not have a unique problem, but I have searched all over google and this site and I haven't found a solid answer for what I am looking for. So I wanted to explain myself to see if I could get any help on this issue:

We (my co-workers and I) determined that we need have cookie-less Sessions because our users require multiple sessions to get their work done in a more productive fashion.

Bob the user could have initiated a long running process in window A and in order to continue working Bob will open window B which spawns a new session. This is necessary in order to not disturb what is going on in window A. Every time Bob opens a new window, he has to log in again.

The Problem
I am not really sure if this is a real problem or not, hence my reason for asking. The problem I think I have discovered is that each time Bob logs in, the current Forms Authentication Ticket (and Cookie) are over-written. Now I do not understand how this is okay or why the previous Session/Window combo is still valid after Bob logs in a second time. Since the ticket was over-written doesn't that mean the first Session/Window combo should end because the ticket is no longer valid? This is with respect to:

Request.IsAuthenticated //Making sure the supplied ticket is valid

So since the Forms Authentication Ticket (and Cookie) are being over written, what does this mean?

  • Should I be concerned that the ticket (and Cookie) are being over written?
  • During login, should I be intercepting the ticket (if any) and checking for its expiration? If it is not expired should I try to renew the ticket or just make a new one?

    FormsAuthentication.RenewTicketIfOld(ticket) //Just an example
  • If I am using a cookie-less session should I just use cookie-less Forms Authentication too? The point of doing this would be to make each Session/Window 100% independent of each other. No over-writing would occur anymore. Is there a draw back to this? I can't think of any.

PS: I know the cookie is just a container for what ever is being stored in it, like a Key Value pair.

Additonal Info...

Forms Authentication Ticket:
IsPersistent set to true
Ticket Version 2

Forms Cookie:
Key = FormsCookieName (from web.config tag)
Value = Hashed Ticket


regenerateExpiredSessionId="true" />

<forms name="FormsCookieName" 
    slidingExpiration="true" >

Any help is appreciated.


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Added ASP.NET as a tag –  BarDev Sep 14 '11 at 5:32
Is this solution in a webfarm where there are multiple web servers? –  BarDev Sep 14 '11 at 5:33
Thanks for adding that tag. Currently there is no webfarm, but there potentially could be. However I know that wouldn't be implemented for a long time. So no, no web farm. I just want to make sure I am doing this right since I know it can potentially blow up in my face if I don't do it right. –  dyslexicanaboko Sep 17 '11 at 2:52

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