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How can I edit and delete an event in Facebook using the Javascript SDK? I've been Googling for a day with no sucess!

Thanks for any help!


After banging my head on the wall several times, I've finally discovered how to accomplish these tasks:

  • To edit an event:

    FB.api("/"+event_id, 'post', { name: evname, start_time:"2011-08-25T12:00:00", end_time:"2011-08-25T23:00:00", location: address, description: desc } , function(resp) { alert('ok'); });

  • To delete an event:

    FB.api("/"+event_id, 'delete', function(resp) { alert('ok'); });

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Please post this as as answer. –  phwd Aug 12 '11 at 16:10

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you have to post DELETE request to delete event

FB.api("/"+eventID, 'DELETE', function() { 
    //do stuff

if you use FBJS

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