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I know this is a bit of a bizarre one, but I am using Cufon on one of my pages, but I need to be able to turn it off for all elements if the user presses a button.

Now I was hoping there would be like a Cufon.Reset(selector) or something, but I couldnt find anything, so is there any way to turn Cufoned text back into standard text without refreshing the page?

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Don't think so. Cufon is creating an img. So undoing it without page refresh is not possible.

You could write some script to:

  • copy text(copy html tag and hide it) before Cufon is run on it
  • than on button click hide cufon and show copied text element with pure text

I would suggest using @font-face rather than Cufon- works great on IE, FF, Safari. Chrome is let say 80% quality.

Check out this website - it is using @font-face method. Working perfectly.

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Yeah I was thinking about taking that route, but as it ends up I have a requirement on Cufon... I have got a manual way using the cufontext elements, but its not nice :( – somemvcperson Aug 11 '11 at 22:37
@somemvcperson Why requiring Cufon? Was the issue with @font-face? – Iladarsda Aug 12 '11 at 9:22

Let say all of your H1 tags are with cufont style. To perform this you will use:


if you want to revert cufon action you can use:

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var RemoveCufon = function (selector) {
    $(selector).each(function (index, element) { $(element).text(BuildCufonTextString(element)); });

var BuildCufonTextString = function (parent) {
    var elementText = "";
    $("cufon cufontext", parent).each(function (index, element) { elementText += $(element).text(); });
    return $.trim(elementText);

Here is a manual way of doing it which works, but would like to know of anything simpler...

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This isnt ideal though, as it doesn't keep links active... – somemvcperson Aug 15 '11 at 18:10

I just went through the whole process of implementing a simpler version of one of the scripts discussed here in order to get the text out of the cufontext tags. It was working just fine:

var nameFromCufon = $(profileName).find('cufontext').each(function(){

ProfileName is the immediate parent span tag surrounding the cufon tags. Then I tried something so simple it was too obvious: $(profileName).text();

.text give me just the text with all the tag code stripped out. So simple.

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