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Is there a way to implement custom data detectors in NSTextView (like the one that recognizes dates or telephone numbers)?

I think there is an API Reference, but the whole process is not documented. Is there anything that can help me understand what's the right thing to implement?

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The LSM is well suited for training/evaluation/categorization of text (think spam filtering). The LSMSmartCategorizer sample code shows how to train and use a LSM map against news feeds.

You can also try to use the NSRegularExpression/NSDataDetector classes (available starting with Lion). They are designed to match on a text input. Once the matches are available, iterate (with a custom block) over the result and perform some highlighting or style modification.

Hope it helps.

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I believe the answer you are looking for can be found in this similar question's answer: Data Detectors in Cocoa

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The link in my question comes from that answer. I'm not looking for a way to implement formatters in a field (I know how to do that). I'm looking for something like "How to use the functions of the Latent Semantic Mapping Framework?". – Donovan Sep 11 '11 at 13:00
Gotcha - I assume you glanced at the separate lsm command line tool's documentation? It was also linked in that answer. Its more detailed but looks sparser for functionality: lsm docs I will ask around at work tomorrow to see if anyone's worked with LSM before, bound to find someone! – Michal Sep 11 '11 at 13:55

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