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Given two objects which extend a class:

object PageDAO
  extends SalatDAO[Page, Long](collection=Config.getMongoDB("db_development")("pages"))

object BookDAO
  extends SalatDAO[Book, Long](collection=Config.getMongoDB("db_development")("books"))

I want to write a function which has the object as a parameter:

def find[ID](salatDAO:SalatDAO[Product,ID]) = salatDAO.find(MongoDBObject()).limit(10)


scala> find[Long](PageDAO)
<console>:27: error: type mismatch;
 found   : PageDAO.type (with underlying type object PageDAO)
 required: com.novus.salat.dao.SalatDAO[Product,Long]
Note: Page <: Product (and PageDAO.type <: com.novus.salat.dao.SalatDAO[Page,Long]), but class SalatDAO is invariant in type ObjectType.
You may wish to define ObjectType as +ObjectType instead. (SLS 4.5)

Is this possible?

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Have you tried the tip of the compiler? –  sschaef Aug 11 '11 at 23:36
I don't understand what the compiler tip actually means. Where do I attach the +ObjectType onto? as a part of the SalatDAO definition? –  tommy chheng Aug 11 '11 at 23:57

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Just follow the advice of the compiler. If you want SalatDAO[A, _] to be a subclass of SalatDAO[B, _] when A <: B (i.e., when A is a subclass of B), declare SalatDAO to be covariant in its first parameter:

trait SalatDAO[+A, B] // ...
               ^       <-- that plus does the trick

If you cannot change the variance annotation, you can use usage-site bounds, à la Java, as Eastsun proposed in the comments:

def find[P <: Product, I](salatDAO: SalatDAO[P,I]) = // ...
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What if i cannot alter the SalatDAO trait? It is a librayr and not a part of my codebase. github.com/novus/salat/blob/master/salat-core/src/main/scala/… –  tommy chheng Aug 11 '11 at 23:56
Does this work?: def find[ID,PRO <: Product](salatDAO:SalatDAO[PRO,ID]) = ... –  Eastsun Aug 12 '11 at 1:40
Thanks Eastsun, using the site bounds works –  tommy chheng Aug 12 '11 at 16:03

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