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I have a very simple model/view but for some reason I can't seem to access the new record variable and therefore get the error:

undefined method `hash_for_checklists_path' for # Module:<0x00000100f8b9b0>

I've hit my head against a wall on this for several hours. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?


class ChecklistsController < ApplicationController
  def new
    @title = "New Checklist"
    @checklist = Checklist.new 

(incidentally my application.html.erb file has no problem getting the @title variable.)

View (new.html.erb)

<%= form_for @checklist do |f| -%>


  devise_for :users

  resources :checklist_item_categories, :as => 'item_categories' do
    resources :checklist_items

  resources :checklist_categories do
    resources :checklists

  match 'checklists/new', :to => 'checklists#new'

  get "pages/home"
  get "pages/contact"

  #checklist items
  get "checklist_items/new"

  get "checklists/new"
  get "checklists/edit"
  get "checklists/show"
  get "checklists/index"

  get "abstract_categories/new"
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You don't have a path for the post from the form.

Maybe put

resources :checklists

in place of

get "checklists/new"
get "checklists/edit"
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Thanks -- that did it. I would have thought listing that in the resources :checklist_categories do block would have covered it … that's why I'm a newbie! Cheers. –  Alex Aug 12 '11 at 2:40

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