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I found this unsupported Chinese .isl file (for translation in Inno) on the Inno Setup website.

as well as this "traditional" version

When I compile in the Inno Setup Compiler IDE, It says

Parsing [Languages] section, line 23
   File: C:\Program Files\Inno Setup 5\Languages\Chinese.isl
Parsing [LangOptions], [Messages], and [CustomMessages] sections
   Messages in script file

When I run the setup.exe file, It simply acts as if it was not included in the [Languages] area at all. For example, when I have English Chinese and French as languages available, it only shows the English and French languages.

I don't really know where to go from here but I need to figure out why this isn't working... Any ideas?

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You're using the ansi version of Inno setup and your machine can't display that language. See the ShowUndisplayableLanguages directive or use the unicode version.

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