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Is it possible to import a Xcode framework To Monotouch?? (if so, how can I do it??)

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If by import you mean being able to use the frameworks provided by iOS then YES you can be either:

a) use what's already provided by MonoTouch - i.e. most of the API provided by Apple are already binded and provided;

b) creating the binding yourself - anything missing (e.g. new stuff) or third-parties libraries/frameworks can be bound using the btouch tool [1] (for ObjectiveC code) or using .NET p/invoke mechanism.

[1] http://ios.xamarin.com/Documentation/Binding_New_Objective-C_Types

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Thanks, this post is what I was looking for ios.xamarin.com/Documentation/Linking_Native_Libraries I found it because of your link! –  Yahir Vite Lugardo Aug 13 '11 at 16:20

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