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What is the best way to have a file 'browse' dialog pop up and a user 'uploads' a file that I can retrieve in Javascript without uploading the file to a server just to download it back to the client in Javascript?

I found Downloadify for letting users 'download' a javascript generated file without bouncing off a server: https://github.com/dcneiner/Downloadify is there a way to 'uploadify' a file the user browses to and opens and get it into Javascript in a data:url or some form without bouncing it off the server 100% client-side?

The ability to "open" a file the user selects from their hard drive, edit it in javascript and "save as" back out to the user's hard drive without any server-side code?

I am making a back-office so it doesn't need to be cross-browser if it's sported in google chrome, ideally in Javascript/HTML5, but flash or silverlight could work too, hopefully not java.

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Silverlight lets you do that with the OpenFileDialog class. I am currently working on a Silverlight project and I exclusively use Chrome so you shouldn't have any problems in that environment.

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Flash has support for reading and writing local files:


For sending data between Flash and JavaScript, you can use the ExternalInterface API:


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... but if you don't need cross-browser support, only Google Chrome, then I guess you can use the HTML5 File API: html5rocks.com/en/features/file –  Lars Blåsjö Aug 13 '11 at 11:24

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